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The first pro­gram I wrote in 14 years, since that time I am al­ways in the area of com­puter know­ledge. I know how com­puters work. I have a bach­el­or de­gree in sys­tem en­gin­eer­ing. Be­side uni­versity courses, I was do­ing a lot of self-edu­ca­tion in free time. Main top­ics were: pro­gram­ming the­ory, net­work­ing, se­cur­ity, math­em­at­ics and mi­cro­elec­tron­ics. I am ori­ented to learn­ing something new. My huge ex­per­i­ence in IT al­lows me to solve really com­plex tasks at a reas­on­able time. So you can con­tact me and give some work.

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Most important in work

Writing programs is not a target. Solve the customer needs is a target. You must not write the perfect code, you must write the code, that people do need now. And you must do this with responsibility.

Free as in speech

I love free software. Free software provides the ability to evolve for programs. It provides diversity of choices. It gives you a freedom to change the software according to your needs.

Hardest things

When someone asks me about hardest things in programming, I always remember the phrase by Phil Karlton: "There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things."

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